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  • Almost

    In the last five years, 544 suicides and 1,869 attempted suicides have
    been reported in connection with the anti-smoking drug Chantix,
    according to documents obtained from the FDA by the Al Jazeera show “America Tonight” under the Freedom of Information Act.

    Stop pushing that crap CNN.

  • M0B33R

    Gawd Dammed Mainstream Media and the BS FEAR MONGERING they are doing over this Ebola crap. I’d be more worried about all those guns down there that are killing people probably at this very moment. You’re more likely to die from a Cop’s bullet or ass kicking than your are from Ebola.

  • freedom

    they should also teach the people in Africa about birth control

  • Richard Michael

    Michael Kors…. A flame among the flaming!

  • ExPat ExLawyer

    Sanjay just reported that the hazmat suits and buddy system protocols that are NOT required by CDC were in fact used by him in Africa. And temperature checking was also used in Africa as we know at the departures – multiple ones in Lagos, as reported previously by CNN – but not in our First World Beacon of Brlliance. LOL. And MX did a better job on H1N1 than the us too.

    Even new CDC hazmat wardrobe standards do not require 100 percent skin coverage – neck is exposed as is most of head other than the face, and there is not a seal from the gown to the hands so wrists can be exposed.

  • Anonymous

    Nobody wore gloves when issuing him the quarantine warrant, nobody wore masks.
    Expect 7 more cases.

  • Thomas Eric Duncan

    Ebola is completely safe. Relax.

  • anonymouose

    You cannot escape the embrace of the Blood Goddess. Liberals are her favored worshipers. They would rather bleed their organs out of bodily orifices than appear to not be politically correct. Embrace her love. Import 3rd world diseases, keep airports open. Continue to appear “progressive.” Ebola chan is love.

  • FOX

    neither is it spelled QUATAR, genius! ^_^


    There is no reason to hit your kids.

    Because you were hit as a child does not justify it. Talk to your kids, first letting them how you FEEL about what they have done and what the consequences in REAL LIFE ARE and even let them decide their punishment, like going to their room, no TV, not riding their bike for a day and the list goes on.

    My son stole candy from the store and I know he learned a lot by going back to the store and returning the candy and apologising to the store owner and also agreeing not to ride his bike for a week, than he ever would learned by me beating him. TALKING DOES WORK :)

    • salty

      every child is different. some you can look at them in a way and they will comply, others a beating would not prevent them from doing something again so u find other measures and some yes u just have to spank. Its hard but u sometimes have to take that responsibility as well as u can. no one said parenting wud always make u feel good. also if u take a privilege away try not to give it back under any circumstances. therefore think b4 u speak and avoid grand generalizations that are just fantasy like, “if you do __ I will kill ya!”
      cause ur kid listens more than u think.

    • Rosco

      Thats right just drug um up and give um ritalin. Your success cant be measured right now if you get him or her to be on there own without going to jail or knocking someone over head youve done a good a decent job but if not you’ve failed along with your methods. I feeling…..

    • Rosco

      Why is it when I was growin up in the 60’s there was no adhd? Because parents knew how to get your attention talking, spanking, slapping and beating that ……….*#@. Your kids disrespect other parents, you as a “parent” cuss yall out and even hit yall. Man yall have failed your children and society. Yall really have no concept of what “it takes a village” really means. Oy vey is assimilation or desegregation working?

  • mr-w

    @ hulkusa
    i warned yo guys about ukriane 2 days ago/ and you censor me,ive even added teh sources! now it looks like there now even forces rushed to the area, duch tellie reported the fighting at vrijday you guys just stick your head in the sand to easy.

  • mr-w

    germany is outlawing islam state movements. what got reported today tobe in effect
    ban got reported on, netherlands had alrdy outlawed (anti) isis movements in residential area’s after a stone trowing riot by isis suporters vs police, the stone strowers pictures got publicly shown (note they are still clasified suspects)
    more (dutch)

  • mr-w

    europe is invoking new sanctions on rusia and will be in effect on the 12th, finance oil and gas will be hit hardest what i got from euro news sources. ukriane reports that there is 41% gas been transported far below normal during the cold days.

  • mr-w

    9/11 memorial? and trafic still moving? havnt you guys learned annything from the dutch? trafic came to a total stop for mh17 and for more then 1 minute! for several days! have a lil respect for the dead!

  • James Girona

    Ebola Virus? Downed private jet? US open? Joan Rivers?.. Nothing about the vote being taken tomorrow by the US Senate to repeal the Citizen United Decision. Shame on you CNN. Thanks for dumbing it down. Democracy? With journalism like this. What’s the point? The people? they wanna talk about racism. Don’t they see that corporations having control over our elected officials directly effects the issues race and civil rights in America. Ya know why? Because the same companies and people who own this TV channel also sold you your fcking smart phone and your cable tv. The same families from Dutch East The same private interest that propagated the slave trade in the first place. Now sell you your Identities. Black people. You swallow the fcking red pill, then complain when you realize you’ve been duped. Then you pray too Jesus in a protestant church. the God introduced to your American ancestors by the whip and authority of white overseers. White, Black, brown, all people.. Totally Hopeless. This screen in your living room. Is just window for you tomb. CNN is a fcking circus.

  • Annetta Marlowe

    Frank when did this happen and where were you to go riot

  • Frank Honest

    unarmed white kid shot by black cop. where are black people rallying demanding “justice”?! oh i see, its a whit kid which is more important than the fact he is dead…

  • Justice for all

    The apparently violent thief, watch Mr Brown grab the store owner by the throat, did not deserve to be shot.

    • Annetta Marlowe

      No one said that was right but you don’t know the full story there either and these shop owns makes thousand of dollars in profit off these same kids so did he really deserve to dies over a pack of blunt what is a blunt any way. we need the liquor store and the smoke shops out of the our communities half of the problem would be solve

  • Babs Smith


  • Pierre

    You constantly do not include 3 boys killed (2 Israeli and one American) among civilians
    killed in the Israel – Gaza conflict. Why ? This barbaric murder by Hamas terrorists,
    which their top representative bragged about (couple of days ago from Turkey) started
    this conflict. These were the 1-st civilian casualties. Moreover, just now in a Press
    Conference Ben Rhodes representing White House qualified killing American journalist
    Foley to be an Act of War. How come then killing a Jewish American boy by Hamas is
    not an Act of War against USA ? Is it because the boy was Jewish ? SHAME ON YOU !

  • Babs Smith


    • Frank Honest

      those are not “your” children..

  • Babs Smith


    • Ghetto Leroy

      say waT? I iz confuzed, were iz wHitey looting? I is goNna beat whitey’s ass if I catches him looting!!!

      • Charlie

        The whitey technology in all the news cameras and phones filtered out all the white people to make the black people look more guilty.

  • Babs Smith


    • fujimoto

      The way your post sounds like you want whites to be shot in the heart.

  • Babs Smith


  • Pierre

    Loud cry, including that of USA Administration, calling ISIS a barbaric organization

    following execution of an American journalist, while valid, sounds hollow since there has
    been no cry over (nor even a loud enough mention of) a simultaneous bragging by the
    top Hamas officials (from Turkey) about their plot and their `brave soldiers’ (de facto
    terrorists) kidnapping and then killing three teenagers (two Israeli and one American).
    It started the last 46 days of war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. Or is it that
    whenever American is Jewish (even a kid) you feel that it’s OK ? And, moreover, USA

    would jointly with Europe try to limit Israeli ability of Self Defence by introducing various
    embargos, while pushing Israel to a settlement worked out by Qatar and Turkey,
    countries that armed Hamas of Gaza in the first place — contrary to the USA obligation
    as a guarantor of the Oslo Peace Accord to make sure that ONLY LIGHT ARMS will
    be available in Gaza !!! SHAME ON YOU !!! GO ON WITH EUROPE ALONG THIS

  • Babs Smith


  • homermyers

    let’s not forget Michael brown had just committed a robbery, if the store owner would have had a gun he would have been dead in the store. if you live by violence you die by violence

  • TestSalad

    Golfing is nice way to get some quiet contemplation with the issues on your mind. It gets you outside and moving around. I really don’t see what’s wrong with him doing that.

  • So True

    TL;DR: Self Defense. The end.
    Here’s an eyewitness that had a clear vantage point and no previous relationship to Mike Brown… clearly stating he charged the cop even as the cop was firing repeatedly… Darren Wilson was attempting to not use lethal force until he had no other option.

    sorry… I know its a real bummer.. and probably many people will not be able to admit this because it undoes the justification for all the ridiculous looting and angst, but if you assault a cop, start walking away… then charge the cop while they have their gun drawn… and they shoot you in your hand, your arm, your shoulder, your jaw…. you probably should have already stopped… but he didn’t… he dropped his head and charged Darren Wilson and then he was shot in the head lethally. There were no entry wounds found that came from behind. Here’s that link… because I know that’s a real bummer too… How can you justify rioting and looting unless this kids was executed kneeling and begging for his life by an unjust trigger happy mad man…

    If you take into the account of the previously linked eye witness that clearly claims Mike charged Darren during a rapid discharge of many rounds and compare this to the reports from this independent autopsy… its not hard to put together what really unfolded.

    Finally, here’s an account of the incident as told by a family friend. That matches all detailed information given by the eye witness on the first video I linked and the autopsy report… everything all falls into place.
    Self Defense. The end.

  • Lorraine Day

    Larry is mentally ill…

  • Travis

    Has there been any evidence of these molotov cocktails? All the cameras there and you’re telling me not a single one actually captured someone throwing them?

    • Ben Williams

      Your right, Everyone was talking about them, after the cops mentioned it one night, CNN, MSNBC. Fox, politicians, … everyone.
      But there is NO evidence even one was thrown.

  • Think Forward

    Believe it or not guns are the root of the problem. No non-military person (including the police) should NOT have the right to bare any FIREARMS. Look at British police and their effectiveness without guns as an example. Implement harsh penalties for possession of firearms and please get the NRA out of government. I am a registered republican BTW.

    • Cheree Lynn Harper

      Love your thinking!

    • Gimme-a-break

      I call bullshit. Why don’t you volunteer to kick in my door and take them from me?

  • mister mister

    National Guard in Ferguson- get your popcorn.

  • dp3g

    Anderson Cooper, FYI you interviewed a member of the “St. Louis Police Association” which is a 100% white organisation while the black officers have an entirely different organisation which 100% black. These are private and separate union organisations.This should be a telling tale of race relations in St. Louis where the police lead the example, at not getting it right.

  • Beauxshone Firesha

    burn baby burn in the 60s?

  • Beauxshone Firesha

    white men media trying to make Micheal Brown and Black people look bad.everyone on earth see how bad the police are in the USA. how bad the Military are in the world. Thank you Missouri. you help Black people look like like victims. and they are. the world see. Thank God. Victory for people of color.

  • Beauxshone Firesha

    Thank you Don Lemon for showing this international. the police cant hide Wilsons character for long. they the police know this guy is a bad seed. Anonymous may had it right about the guy they post first. this guy may just take the fall..Victory for Oppressed people coming soon. this is international. keep the peace.

  • Beauxshone Firesha

    The guy looks older then 28. he looks like 58. sorry

  • King-Excellent

    Excellent analysis. Can’t scare-a the O’Mara

  • Human

    People are still protesting Elvis’s death? Weird.

  • Pierre

    Phill, your “Pierre, give it a rest” reappeared with an added rhetorical question “What are you doing to insure the Palestinians their right to a homeland ?” (and a false
    claim that it was placed simultaneously in the 1-st place). Thank you, this `question’
    of “no one” I’ll answer (my 1-st post here one week ago essentially dealt with a
    similar matter) in spite that by its nature (of course you mean `Arab Palestinians’) this
    question is antisemitic: the word Palestine was introduced by Romans about 2000
    years ago as a modification of “Philistine” (people that lived there about 3200 years
    ago) in order to divorce Jewish people living there at the time from their Homeland –
    a plot repeated by British about 100 years ago. The word was not used after Roman
    Empire (including at the time of 400 years of Turkish rule that lasted till the end of the
    1-st World War) till the League of Nations (included new Soviet Union, USA, many
    European countries etc) created “Jewish National Homeland” in the boundaries
    that include current country Jordan, motivating its decision in the text of “Palestinian
    Mandate” (the word squeezed in by true Machiavellian intentions of Brits, ups nearly
    Bruts – how revealing) by giving Jews a real chance for SELF DEFENCE against a
    possible extermination, see text e.g. via Google. And indeed later Holocaust happen
    (they could essentially predict it, I guess, due to numerous antisemitic actions in the
    Europe at the start of the 20-th century) primarily due to Machiavellian British politics
    directed towards extermination of the “Jewish National Homeland” in violation of the
    terms of the “Palestinian Mandate” (they did not stop now either, even though within
    current boundaries the Jewish State occupies just 10% of the land of the “Jewish
    National Homeland”). They were so obnoxiously immoral as to send British pilots in
    British War planes to fight new Jewish State right after the Holocaust !!! Well, they
    and the Arab countries attempt to finish the job of Hitler did not succeed – they lost.
    Since then and till now there was nearly a continuous attempt of various Arab entities
    towards the same end. So far always loosing, but often supported by Machiavellian
    politics of Europeans and USA (e.g. just recently by bringing Qatar and Turks into the
    negotiations of a Ceasefire, but de facto to protect heavy Hamas weapons for the
    same `game’ later – this time explicitly rejected together with ALL services of this sort
    (I guess due to a fear of the growing threat of both ISIS and Iran by Egypt, UAE,
    Saudi Arabia and even Abbas and Putin, god has his strange ways in the support of
    Israel). So Phill, it seems the elected President of the Palestinian People is not with
    you, CNN, Obama, antisemitic Europe and UN, terrorists of Hamas, Iran and ISIS
    (bad company Phill) in the issue of how this last conflict should end, but is rather
    with Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Israel. Isn’t it ironical Phill. Your minions efforts
    failed !!!

  • Pierre

    Phill, You wrote “Pierre, give it a rest” and then it disappeared and new “jibberish” (in
    the sense of garbage-like) remarks of yours appeared: are you working for CNN ? It
    is bizzare that you are allowed this and to squeeze in (as if placed 2 days ago) a

    remark that defacto appeared listed AFTER my remark listed as placed 1 day ago ?!
    (well, CNN acts in a Gebbels-like manner in much more important matters than this!)
    In a direct reply to yours “Your remarks will be noticed by no one”,- you have noticed
    them, while you are surely “no one”, but a pathological extreme leftist. You claim
    that my remarks are “conspiratorial and delusional”,- the facts I list are easily
    verifiable (as I noted), e.g. via Google, my responses to `reports’ that I evaluate as
    “Gebbels-like Propaganda” were made right after these `reports’ and I quoted what
    was said. Finally, the only guess I make is that at present the weapons are becoming
    so powerful that preventing an ability of SELF DEFENCE by conventional weapons
    by means of embargos (as Spain, Britain and now USA just did towards Israel) are
    immoral (my evaluation, I explained why I think so in this specific case) and in my
    estimation may (and I think likely to) lead to defence by much more powerful
    weapons, eventually leading to a war with all sides using just these kind of weapons
    and (god forbid) to the Extermination of ALL Humans (conspiratorial, hardly applies,
    delusional – I hope so, but what if not: less triggered the 1-st World War, or do you
    mean you are an extraordinary experts in weapons ? I doubt !!!).

    I will not respond anymore to ANY garbage you’ll place against me. But you bet I’ll
    place my remarks again ANY time I’ll feel it may help an honest and thinking person
    to pay attention to an intolerable action by his Government, or a Propaganda by any
    of the so called `reporters’ that use their position to push lies.

  • phill


    Give it a rest.

  • Michelle Anderson

    Can this picture be validated? It looks like 6/09/2014 as the date.

    • Booya Heckaya

      Holy crap, it’s a conspiracy theory! No, I’m afraid that says 08-09

  • Dave Mason

    Another big black bully got what he deserved!

    • EGreen

      Would you kill all bullies? Or just the big Black ones?

      • Dave Mason

        Good point. I was wrong for putting “black” in there; and bully isn’t correct either, as this was more than being a bully, he was violent and dangerous. I would not condone that in anyone. I apologize for the “racial” distinction.

  • Renee Ramada

    Agree with Danny…

  • Pierre

    Phill, I am not your pal (but I am a member of an Academy of Sciences – I guess to you it means an idiot, which speaks of you more than it speaks of me; by the way
    this is in spite that I left Russia with a 7 years old daughter in 1973, without Ph. D.
    and already being 27 years old). Also, I do not need to “get a life” now, I already
    lived a wonderful life by my current age of nearly 70. Now, even if you are not a
    reporter you are clearly working as a `blog reporter’ whether you are paid or not
    and is offended on behalf of your USA Government.
    BUT ITS ACTIONS ARE REPREHENSIBLE: just now USA joined Brits in declaring
    EMBARGO on certain type rockets in order to prevent defensive actions of Israel
    against barrages of rocket fire from Gaza. And this while under the Oslo Peace
    Accord for which USA Government is a guarantor there can be ONLY LIGHT ARMS
    in Gaza. Jewish Holiday Purim (thousands years old) is about RIGHT OF SELF
    DEFENCE, but contemporary scambags and antisemites (just like you, your
    Obama and/or `Royal’ Brits) DO NOT RECOGNIZE THIS RIGHT FOR JEWS.

    But get ready for a rude awakening (when DEATH will look right into your eyes) –

    some of us were raised in Russian slavery and do not fully share the attitude of
    kindness towards scambags working towards our extermination and are fully ready
    to reciprocate (with the difference of being able to: by introducing new so often, that

    is including weapons). Well, you know very well Jews can – your “idiot” etc. it all


  • phill


    I’ve never posted my remarks in Fox. I hate Fox News. I don,t want anything to do with them.

    ” Anyway, thank you, now I know that people whom I try to
    awaken to horrible truths that reporters (and Governments) hide are likely to notice
    my remarks as well (verifying facts for themselves, which now is possible and is even
    relatively easy, e.g. starting with Google).”

    Your remarks will be noticed by no one. They’re all conspiratorial and delusional. Why do you think that you are so important. You’re not and your posts prove that.

  • Christopher Moynihan

    Again, the man who was arrested for not clearing the street is pouring on the victim sauce. He was told that it was no longer a peaceful demonstration so clear out. His comment was that he didnt see an issue so he decided he would stay. He wasn’t asked to approve. He received his reward. If he is so smart, why cant he learn the law before he decides to cause a problem.

  • Christopher Moynihan

    What I find more disturbing than the reporters alleged abuse by the officer, is the unwillingness of the reporter to admit that he was seeking to create a situation to get coverage. Very typical, very frightening. Shame on him.

  • ohknowyoudidnt

    Just now on CNN, “Violent Protests”, the only violence in Ferguson was the military type assault on the protestors, this was last night.

  • phill

    I don’t have to be a reporter to see that you’re writing jibberish. Everything you write is jibberish, pal. Get a life, pal. You’re an idiot.

  • Pierre

    Thank you Phill, I think due to your remarks that you understand what I am talking about
    (confirmation is in that you respond). I noticed that you enter your short (unimportant
    and irrelevant) remarks also in other Channel blogs, e.g. Fox’s, and fairly often. Are
    you a `reporter’ of sorts ? Anyway, thank you, now I know that people whom I try to
    awaken to horrible truths that reporters (and Governments) hide are likely to notice
    my remarks as well (verifying facts for themselves, which now is possible and is even
    relatively easy, e.g. starting with Google). Then honest among them are unlikely to
    let it go on. Opinions matter !!!

    By the way what part exactly you found “jibberish” ? (Jibberish may mean unclear, not
    needed, or simply garbage; did you mean unclear to you and not needed to others ?

    Then I judge your remark as jibberish it its 3-rd meaning.)

  • Pickawinner

    blacks out number whites 7 out of 10 in Missouri and they are surprised that they are twice as likely to get pulled over and arrested. How about using common sense instead of racism to rectify everything. Why would a cop arrest someone for doing nothing? It doesn’t happen and these rallies em bold the criminals, if I was a criminal, I would be tried of being harassed by the cops too. If your black, innocent and minding your own business you will not get in any trouble and you are not being targeted, even if you refuse to have names that nobody can pronounce.

    • LennyLeonard

      “blacks out number whites 7 out of 10 in Missouri”

    • Amanda Sara

      If you believe a cop would not arrest a person that has not done anything you are part of the problem.

  • roberto feliciano

    where are navy seals and green berets?

  • Deepbruh

    Its call racisim, people setting at the cnn desk…It seems like neither one of you wants to say it…..Some cop’s are just racist people

  • phill


    Why don’t you write coherently? It’s jibberish.

    • Amanda Sara

      Let me spell it: racism. There, coherent enough my friend?

  • Pierre

    How interesting, CNN reporting (at about 9:40a.m. on 11/08/2014) that killing Cristians
    by ISIS is a true attack on religious freedom (and 6 minutes later that the Vatican is now
    supporting US air strikes etc.) ? But with a completely different kind of reporting in
    the case of Hamas’s (and Ayatolas of Iran) expressed intention to wipe out Jews from
    the face of Earth (reported even by CNN being within the Hamas’s charter) !!! Does it
    really any different from what is understood as the Goebbels kind of reporting ? Once
    again it is not just Jews, no: WITH THIS PRACTICE ALL HIMANS ARE UNLIKELY TO
    SURVIVE !!!

  • Pierre


    “… tell. How are they supposed to do that? …”, – the answer is:
    by analogy with the case of Hamas it would be to take the numbers provided by ISIS
    (counting just like in the case of Hamas executed by them people as fatalities). Do you think it would be a good idea Phill ? I guess you don’t. Neither it was in the case
    of Israeli strikes and of Hamas. DO YOU GET NOW WHAT MY ORIGINAL FEW LINES SAID ?
    My guess is that you understood right away and just play stupid. But just glance at
    the Issah Zabsonre’s and compare with my remark “WITH THIS PRACTICE YOU
    ARE UNLIKELY TO SURVIVE” – this is why Phill Goebbels-like actions must be called for what they are. Even if it is UN that practices them. Well understood after
    each of the last 2 World Wars it is somehow lost again and `news reports’ are
    used for propaganda purposes. But weapons are rapidly becoming much more powerful and accessible to true MAD MAN. And can there be anything at all more
    destructive of the peace World Order than a de-facto prevention of the right for self

  • phill


    “But you fail to mention how many per, so called, `precision’ strikes killed:”

    Pray tell. How are they supposed to do that? Any insight will be greatly appreciated.

  • Issah Zabsonre

    The order to end the middle east is a third world war.. Am ready what are we affraid off. Another world war will settle all these little skimishes and demarcations.

  • Ebola Control

    Give the west Africans “the secret serum”. #manMadeProblems


    ISRAEL OWNS THE MEDIA AND THE US GOVERNMENT…so they basically own the world.

  • Pierre

    CNN reports about precision strikes in Iraq by USA (and now Gebbels propaganda is run on a line below the live reporting). But you fail to mention how many per, so called, `precision’ strikes killed: less, or many more than under Israeli air force strikes. Ups, you solved it simply – you just do not report it. `Ingenious’ in the
    Gebbels style – and you call yourself reporters, really ?
    By the way philistines lived in what you call Palestine about 3,500 years ago. Then
    it was the Land of Israel and was called (with Jews being the main inhabitants) Palestine Province by Roman Empire about 2,000 years ago in order to divorce
    the name of the land from its true owners. It was not called Palestine after Roman
    Empire was gone until British managed ingeniously to squeeze in the word into
    “Palestinian Mandate” which spoke about “Jewish National Homeland” (indicating
    its boundaries as well, see “Palestinian Mandate”, e.g. via Google) – they practiced
    Gebbels methods under the name of the Machiavellian politics long before Gebbels;
    the word Palestine was not mentioned including during the preceding British
    Mandate 400 years of rule of the Ottoman Empire. History reports of almost nobody surviving the black death in the area in the early 1800’s and traveling in the area
    Mark Twain in about 1880’s wrote (reported) about Jewish settlers AND NO ARABS.
    So your `History’ of Jewish settlers and Arab aboriginal population is simply an
    example of Gebbels Propaganda ploy (introduced by British prior to Gebbels
    actions). The truth is that Arabs INVADED these lands after Jews made them again
    inhabitable following the black death of early 1800’s. In these lands Jews now live
    only on about 10% of the original “Jewish National Homeland”, i.e. in Israel, do not
    ask for more and not only try to live in peace with their obnoxious neighbors, but
    even try to lift their standard of living. While Christians that initiated antisemitism, as
    well as the original problems for Israel (the only land of Jews) right after performed
    by them Holocaust now run reports about the event in this Land in the Gebbels style.

    SURVIVE !!!!!

  • Pierre

    Gebbels style reporting has nothing to do with an outcome of the military conflict. Regarding what you declare: try to answer HOW MANY OF THE DEAD (almost
    2000 dead – do not count your people dead as animals) ARE DEAD DUE TO THE
    EXECUTIONS BY THE (`representing them’) HAMAS +et al ? In various reports
    about executions that just I heard: on CNN 20 and 30 later and on FOX channel
    5 (reported by a Palestinian from talking with his extended family) . So how many ?
    How many airplane sorties by Israeli war planes per one Palestinians dead (even in the Gebbels style manner that you compare) – 20 ? Or even many more ? (And that
    is even without counting tanks, artillery and/or taking into account bastards, not
    civilians, killed by advancing army from rifles !!!) I remember the time when Gaza
    residents lived well – of course it was under Israeli rule – none of the Arabs that do
    not collect royalties for oil live well. The latter requires within societies to honor work,
    each other and neighbors. Arabs would do good for themselves by taking in this an
    example from their younger brothers (as bible refers to them) living in Israel.
    For “kids” in your reply to be addressed you had to have guts to mention the 3 kids
    kidnapped and murdered on orders and according to the plan worked out by Hamas
    that was followed by Hamas’s rocket barrages directed at Israeli civilians, while
    protecting themselves and rockets by Palestinian civilians as human shields and
    murdering those who refused (hoping that the Gebbels style propaganda by within
    Gaza will be a sufficient protection).
    “Supplies” ? Do you mean cement for tunnels, rockets to fire and explosives to
    explode among Israeli civilians upon emerging from the tunnels ? This is while
    signing Oslo Peace Accord that allows only LIGHT ARMS. You are lucky it was
    forgiving Jews ordering the Israeli army. If it was I you would have been long ago
    GONE from the “Jewish National Homeland” that you invaded (for borders see
    “Palestinian Mandate”, e.g. via Google). You, and those who are responsible for
    violating this Mandate, are indeed lucky that Jews are so forgiving – I would not have
    been (nor of the Qatar and/or Iran on behalf of whom Palestinian die now to provide
    support for luxurious living to gangsters that command them to commit crimes).

  • phill


    Calling the UN “Goebbels” hardly advances the subject.

  • phill

    When will the Israelis gve land back to the Palestinians? That’s all they want.

  • jamil fayaz

    what about Gaza………………………………2000 dead most of them kids 10000 hurt open the border of supplies you took out sadam 10 years later more problem get out of middle east

  • Pierre

    Robert Serry – UN representative (more like SS representative) says they admitted
    that UNRWA’s schools had stocks of Hamas’s rockets, he forgot to mention that
    following they gave this rockets back to Hamas to shoot at civilians in Israel. On the
    other hand NONE of the USA News channels reported a simple fact recorded in Oslo
    Peace Accord with PA and `guaranteed’ by USA to take place, namely that ONLY
    LIGHT ARMS were allowed to be AT ALL in Gaza and in the West bank.
    What, I wonder, would be a `proportional response’ to these actions of UN and/or
    of the USA. So, if you are stronger you may do ANYTHING – is this your morale ?
    And what about the boundaries of the “Jewish National Homeland” (include even the
    current Jordan) adapted less than 100 years ago by the”League of Nations” (and
    never legally canceled), whose members included USA, England etc. and even
    the USSR (see “Palestinian Mandate”, e.g. via Google). And it stated why it was
    done: to AVOID what de facto happen later via Hitler’s minions efforts. So, what
    would be a `proportional response’ by Jews assuming that some higher power
    would give them an ability of any response they would feel fit: I fear it should be
    then an extermination of the Human race !!! (Fortunately they always forgive us.)


  • phill


    What the hell are you talking about?

  • Pierre

    You (CNN) constantly bring the Gebbels wing of Hamas to tell us `facts’ thus joining in
    what since the trial in 1945-1946 in Nurenberg is considered a war crime. You report
    about supportive (of Hamas terrorists) actions of UNRWA (weapons in 3 schools and
    booby trapped entrance to tunnel with a direct access deep into Israel – your own
    reporting), but do not call UNRWA and its functionaries on this basis (and you know
    much more) TERRORISTS. In combination it represents in itself a war crime with
    numerous consequences all over the World. You and your functionaries (that do not
    deserve to be called journalists) as well as your antisemitic owner Turner should and
    will pay for this just as your predecessor Gebbels.
    At the age of 27 in 1973 I escaped (with my 7 years old daughter) the USSR with
    $180.00 in my pocket and found peace in Canada teaching in UofT and becoming
    FRSC . I can distinguish between Gebbels style propaganda and truth and you
    should pay for your practice of the former.

  • phill


    “The pro Russian protestors need to be driven out of the Ukraine.”
    Protetors? Gee, George, too hard to keep up with the news.

  • phill


    ” It is proved that where IMF went the disaster happened.”

    Where’s the proof? Why do you keep posting without backing up any of your rants?

  • phill


    now is ok???

  • phill

    Dear 6.6.6,
    Amanpour is talking empty words, but you haven’t added a thing to the discussion.

    • 6.6.6

      brics, brics, brics, brics, brics… bye bye IMF, World Bank, FED,
      etc… more than 50% of population goes another direction… now IMF
      will give money to US, UK, Germany, Ukraine etc… Who puts money in
      IMF? US, Japan, etc… So this business comes to an end… easy money
      made by IMF from destroying countries to whom they lend money. It is
      proved that where IMF went the disaster happened. Some time ago they
      admit that their formula used to calculate their fantasies was wrong.
      Are these serious people or only economic assassins? I go for second
      option. The leaders of the countries who deals with IMF have no brain
      and they are traitors of their own people.

      now is ok???

  • George Durdin

    As usual, CNN is going to run the Malaysian air tragedy in to the ground by interrogating the families of the victims. It is time to turn the news to the Russian involvement in this incident and how to hold Putin and Russia accountable. The pro Russian protestors need to be driven out of the Ukraine.

  • Ella

    All the negative talk

    So stop blaming the President for following following the laws of this Country when you and I know that it takes Congress to do all these things that are being talked about in the Media, I believe that Congress is trying to push the President into doing something that they perceived as wrong just so they can impeach the President and they wont to broad cast it on every TV and News Station in America and the Media knows it and so do we.
    Congress knew about the border problem for a long time and refused to pass laws to deal with the border because they do not like President Obama.

    There are a lot of people who would love to see this President fail and these same people are looking for a way or a reason to say to the American people look at this President (he) has failed at his job and they want it broad cast on every TV Station in America. So every day on News Station you will here a case on why hasn’t the President done this or why the President done that.
    We get it, really.

    They must realize that we get it.


      Failed? Done.He did not need any help.

  • http://Exploer Ella

    Ground Hog Day

    I do not understand how some people can tell their Congressmen not to pass Laws in Congress and then these same people are complaining because they do not have any Jobs, mine you these people votes for the Congress that they are refuring to over and over again and complain about how they can not feed their families because their jobs are going overseas.

    And not to mention that in communities peoples drinking water are catching on firer if you put a match to it, so all of you are saying know matter what happens in these communities hour Congressman will never communize and the same people who are doing all these things in all these communities for the sake of money and they are destroying communities all over the Country. You people who complain but keep sending the same republicans back to Washington to do the very things that you complain about really it’s like, the movie ground hog day

    Because as long as they can keep you Hating someone or something in order to keep you distracted so you will never see the truth and the truth is, when you vote for a Republican you are voting against jobs you are voting against higher wages and when you vote for Republicans you are voting against women rights.

    Now this is another thing that I do not understand completely and that is, why do a lot of the people worry about how other people live their lives and why do they think that all people should live and think as they do, I believe if that was the way that GOD wanted it to be it would have been so.

    Do we not know that is the reason why all the same people prefer to vote to tare us apart as a Country but will not vote for what will hold us together as a Country? I challenge people to vote for what is best for your families and not vote only on hate, now can all of you vote for what will help your communities or will you vote on just what you hate, this is the challenge

    Wake up people and look around you in community’s people can not drink the water, houses are being sallow up in the ground and hospitals are closing down, people has lost their homes and guest what here we go again, the republicans are distract their voters again by telling them to hate the people who do not have the means or the money to harm, hurt or bring hardship to anyone, ground hog day.

    The republicans wants you to look the other way yet again and vote against your own interest and what is really best for the Country as a hole and not just part of the country because just voting for a part will ultimate destroy the whole. I say just stop and see who is the people who sent the jobs overseas or the people who refuse to raise the minimum wage or the ones who are against women’s rights and it is not the fought of your Congressman it is your fort.

    Don’t call your Congressman to complain about what is going wrong in your life because of a bill congress pass or did not pass if you want to complain to the person who is at fought for the recession in this country all you have to do is walk over to a mirror and the person who is stirring back at you is the one you should be upset with and complaining to, you think that you are fighting against your enemies , you are fighting against yourselves and has been going on for a long time now but you refuse to see it or acknowledge that fact. So when you tell your congressman not to pass bills just remember you are hurting all of us not just some of us you can not hurt others without hurting yourselves.

    So when you want to complain, complain to the person who put you where you are today and that would be the one you see in the Mirror.

    When you put republicans in those seats they drain all communities not just some.

  • http://Facebook Kenneth ORear

    Why don't you talk about, the VA not paying the vets back payments,? In a faster timeline…………

  • http://Exploer Ella

    The Calling

    The republicans who are refusing to expand Medicaid to the citizens of there states are being mean spirited people ; and if any citizen of these republicans states should die because of lack of access to medical care or access to medication that they can not afford are on the hands of the republicans and the people who are with them.

    This is a same a same what the republicans are doing to their on citizens this goes ay beyond politics this is a matter of life and death.

    People all over this country should ask themselves is this the kind of country that they won’t to live in.

    And someone should ask all those millions of people who won’t the republicans to repeal the affordable health care act, ask them what GOD do they pray too because they most realize that if the citizens in those republicans states die from not having access to health care is also on the hands of all those millions of people who are calling their republican representative and telling them not to expand Medicaid.

    Death is also on your hands as well as your representatives.

    So how many of hour citizens have die.

    When we are at the mercy seat of GOD and He, ask you why did you not act on behalf of the people who needed medical access to a doctor or needed medication or why did you, fight against the people who needed medical help. Tell me what reason or excuse do you think that GOD would believe.

    I won’t to thank all the people in Atlanta who are fighting for the expansion of Medicaid.

    And I thank for fighting for Medicaid expansion.

    Starting now let all of the millions of people all over these United States fight with one voice for all Governors to expand Medicaid in their states.

    GOD is for People in need and we all are for GOD aren’t we so lets get this done now.

    Ella L.

  • Donna

    This is great I am able to tune in and listen to CNN during the day while I work so I use it all the time. Thanks

  • claude one of those narrow minded ignoramus bigot. Blacks complain because they are the only one getting killed.

  • BSwede

    The rule of neighborhood watch clearly state, "No Weapons", "Do not pursue". You cannot find a better example of how someone with perhaps good intentions use's bad judgement. This is not about his intentions, it's about him stalking and killing an unarmed teenager on his way from the store.

  • radha

    use good judgemment because he was a volunteer and try to protect people/ he was not there to harm people.

  • ilke

    tayyip's advertising consultant is same hitler's advertising consultant. Never drank drink.

    Would not have taken up smoking in her mouth.

    He hated the smoker.

    Advertise banned.

    Price hike did.

    Increased taxes.

    Taxes collected by the folks at exorbitant perks handed out cigarettes to drink charcoal, coal, distributed as 4 times the size of the Egyptian pyramids posters pressed, did not vote.

    The Germans elected him.


    same Tayyip. tayyip is distribute coal. and bread .. poor people.. obama , why supports him.

  • Cihan Reis

    The government is trying to make the "public" seem as terrorist. The undercover policemen act as resisters. They throw police molotov coctails. The TURKISH NATION IS SO PROUD that NO ONE CAN DO THIS TO THE NATION'S POLICE. But the governmet is SO INGLORIOUS to make the public face this event. I am an ex-military, I am an "ex" because the government's MAIN OBJECT is to takeout army and bring police, AS IT'S SPECIAL FORCE. The army did not do this job because of HONOUR. I ask the Turkish media "Where have you been? Why are you all here today-tonight?"..I answer myself! Because there is a TV show, ACTORS ARE POLICE AND GOVERNMENT!

  • Başak Polat

    Government and AKP did mislead people in Gezi Park, by officially saying that they were just going to clean the area, the AKM building. Governor of İstanbul, Mr.Mutlu officially declared that the police forces were not going to attack Gezi Protestors and they were not going to force them to move.

    Starting from 7 pm, the police forces started to attack peacefull Gezi protestors by making their own provocators (who scened a fair show in the morning as 'Marginal Groups in Gezi Who Attacks Your Very Own Police and Destroys Bus Station, Civil Car..etc', as an excuse. The Governor Mutlu, officially threaten the peacefull Gezi protestors. He told them to go home otherwise the things will be worse.

    When the governor was lying to his own people, trick them, attack them, and finally threaten them, how the world can wait us to give up??

  • Başak Polat

    This morning hundreds of police and water cannon vehicles marched into Taksim. There has been a peaceful environment for 10 days there. This morning at 7:30 people were still sleeping in their tents or having breakfast. When the police attacked with gas bombs a group of about 30 provocators who are NOT among us, NOT activists, NOT among the people who resist started attacking the police with molotov cocktails. Curiously enough the Toma s (water cannon vehicles) that are able to push away and separate hundreds of people within seconds (as we have seen many times in the two weeks) could not get rid of this group of provocators for over an hour now. Why? This is all a planned game to be played in front of the international media. The resisting people are still peaceful, they do not throw stones or molotov cocktails!!! This is a set up!"