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  • Ella

    All the negative talk

    So stop blaming the President for following following the laws of this Country when you and I know that it takes Congress to do all these things that are being talked about in the Media, I believe that Congress is trying to push the President into doing something that they perceived as wrong just so they can impeach the President and they wont to broad cast it on every TV and News Station in America and the Media knows it and so do we.
    Congress knew about the border problem for a long time and refused to pass laws to deal with the border because they do not like President Obama.

    There are a lot of people who would love to see this President fail and these same people are looking for a way or a reason to say to the American people look at this President (he) has failed at his job and they want it broad cast on every TV Station in America. So every day on News Station you will here a case on why hasn’t the President done this or why the President done that.
    We get it, really.

    They must realize that we get it.


      Failed? Done.He did not need any help.

  • http://Exploer Ella

    Ground Hog Day

    I do not understand how some people can tell their Congressmen not to pass Laws in Congress and then these same people are complaining because they do not have any Jobs, mine you these people votes for the Congress that they are refuring to over and over again and complain about how they can not feed their families because their jobs are going overseas.

    And not to mention that in communities peoples drinking water are catching on firer if you put a match to it, so all of you are saying know matter what happens in these communities hour Congressman will never communize and the same people who are doing all these things in all these communities for the sake of money and they are destroying communities all over the Country. You people who complain but keep sending the same republicans back to Washington to do the very things that you complain about really it’s like, the movie ground hog day

    Because as long as they can keep you Hating someone or something in order to keep you distracted so you will never see the truth and the truth is, when you vote for a Republican you are voting against jobs you are voting against higher wages and when you vote for Republicans you are voting against women rights.

    Now this is another thing that I do not understand completely and that is, why do a lot of the people worry about how other people live their lives and why do they think that all people should live and think as they do, I believe if that was the way that GOD wanted it to be it would have been so.

    Do we not know that is the reason why all the same people prefer to vote to tare us apart as a Country but will not vote for what will hold us together as a Country? I challenge people to vote for what is best for your families and not vote only on hate, now can all of you vote for what will help your communities or will you vote on just what you hate, this is the challenge

    Wake up people and look around you in community’s people can not drink the water, houses are being sallow up in the ground and hospitals are closing down, people has lost their homes and guest what here we go again, the republicans are distract their voters again by telling them to hate the people who do not have the means or the money to harm, hurt or bring hardship to anyone, ground hog day.

    The republicans wants you to look the other way yet again and vote against your own interest and what is really best for the Country as a hole and not just part of the country because just voting for a part will ultimate destroy the whole. I say just stop and see who is the people who sent the jobs overseas or the people who refuse to raise the minimum wage or the ones who are against women’s rights and it is not the fought of your Congressman it is your fort.

    Don’t call your Congressman to complain about what is going wrong in your life because of a bill congress pass or did not pass if you want to complain to the person who is at fought for the recession in this country all you have to do is walk over to a mirror and the person who is stirring back at you is the one you should be upset with and complaining to, you think that you are fighting against your enemies , you are fighting against yourselves and has been going on for a long time now but you refuse to see it or acknowledge that fact. So when you tell your congressman not to pass bills just remember you are hurting all of us not just some of us you can not hurt others without hurting yourselves.

    So when you want to complain, complain to the person who put you where you are today and that would be the one you see in the Mirror.

    When you put republicans in those seats they drain all communities not just some.

  • http://Facebook Kenneth ORear

    Why don't you talk about, the VA not paying the vets back payments,? In a faster timeline…………

  • http://Exploer Ella

    The Calling

    The republicans who are refusing to expand Medicaid to the citizens of there states are being mean spirited people ; and if any citizen of these republicans states should die because of lack of access to medical care or access to medication that they can not afford are on the hands of the republicans and the people who are with them.

    This is a same a same what the republicans are doing to their on citizens this goes ay beyond politics this is a matter of life and death.

    People all over this country should ask themselves is this the kind of country that they won’t to live in.

    And someone should ask all those millions of people who won’t the republicans to repeal the affordable health care act, ask them what GOD do they pray too because they most realize that if the citizens in those republicans states die from not having access to health care is also on the hands of all those millions of people who are calling their republican representative and telling them not to expand Medicaid.

    Death is also on your hands as well as your representatives.

    So how many of hour citizens have die.

    When we are at the mercy seat of GOD and He, ask you why did you not act on behalf of the people who needed medical access to a doctor or needed medication or why did you, fight against the people who needed medical help. Tell me what reason or excuse do you think that GOD would believe.

    I won’t to thank all the people in Atlanta who are fighting for the expansion of Medicaid.

    And I thank for fighting for Medicaid expansion.

    Starting now let all of the millions of people all over these United States fight with one voice for all Governors to expand Medicaid in their states.

    GOD is for People in need and we all are for GOD aren’t we so lets get this done now.

    Ella L.

  • Donna

    This is great I am able to tune in and listen to CNN during the day while I work so I use it all the time. Thanks

  • claude one of those narrow minded ignoramus bigot. Blacks complain because they are the only one getting killed.

  • BSwede

    The rule of neighborhood watch clearly state, "No Weapons", "Do not pursue". You cannot find a better example of how someone with perhaps good intentions use's bad judgement. This is not about his intentions, it's about him stalking and killing an unarmed teenager on his way from the store.

  • radha

    use good judgemment because he was a volunteer and try to protect people/ he was not there to harm people.

  • ilke

    tayyip's advertising consultant is same hitler's advertising consultant. Never drank drink.

    Would not have taken up smoking in her mouth.

    He hated the smoker.

    Advertise banned.

    Price hike did.

    Increased taxes.

    Taxes collected by the folks at exorbitant perks handed out cigarettes to drink charcoal, coal, distributed as 4 times the size of the Egyptian pyramids posters pressed, did not vote.

    The Germans elected him.


    same Tayyip. tayyip is distribute coal. and bread .. poor people.. obama , why supports him.

  • Cihan Reis

    The government is trying to make the "public" seem as terrorist. The undercover policemen act as resisters. They throw police molotov coctails. The TURKISH NATION IS SO PROUD that NO ONE CAN DO THIS TO THE NATION'S POLICE. But the governmet is SO INGLORIOUS to make the public face this event. I am an ex-military, I am an "ex" because the government's MAIN OBJECT is to takeout army and bring police, AS IT'S SPECIAL FORCE. The army did not do this job because of HONOUR. I ask the Turkish media "Where have you been? Why are you all here today-tonight?"..I answer myself! Because there is a TV show, ACTORS ARE POLICE AND GOVERNMENT!

  • Başak Polat

    Government and AKP did mislead people in Gezi Park, by officially saying that they were just going to clean the area, the AKM building. Governor of İstanbul, Mr.Mutlu officially declared that the police forces were not going to attack Gezi Protestors and they were not going to force them to move.

    Starting from 7 pm, the police forces started to attack peacefull Gezi protestors by making their own provocators (who scened a fair show in the morning as 'Marginal Groups in Gezi Who Attacks Your Very Own Police and Destroys Bus Station, Civil Car..etc', as an excuse. The Governor Mutlu, officially threaten the peacefull Gezi protestors. He told them to go home otherwise the things will be worse.

    When the governor was lying to his own people, trick them, attack them, and finally threaten them, how the world can wait us to give up??

  • Başak Polat

    This morning hundreds of police and water cannon vehicles marched into Taksim. There has been a peaceful environment for 10 days there. This morning at 7:30 people were still sleeping in their tents or having breakfast. When the police attacked with gas bombs a group of about 30 provocators who are NOT among us, NOT activists, NOT among the people who resist started attacking the police with molotov cocktails. Curiously enough the Toma s (water cannon vehicles) that are able to push away and separate hundreds of people within seconds (as we have seen many times in the two weeks) could not get rid of this group of provocators for over an hour now. Why? This is all a planned game to be played in front of the international media. The resisting people are still peaceful, they do not throw stones or molotov cocktails!!! This is a set up!"

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