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Watch free streaming for news live. Fox news live streaming. Fox news is news oriented  channel bringing latest news from around the globe. Fox news was launched in 1990 and seen as most watched news channel in USA and Canada. Fox news is renowned for his fair and balance journalism ethics with dedicated team of journalist all over the world. Fox news is seen in 112 millions household in America on paid satellite So people Watch fox news live streaming free on the internet.
Fox News has gained popularity in limited time and has become first choice of American people. But Fox news is criticised for having soft corner for conservatives party. Fox news live telecast many programmes which includes
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  • Marius Quentical

    When you put a /Vigger in the Oval office, THIS is what you get. Those who elected the monkey are getting what they deserve. Those of us who do not support this chimpanzee and its troop on 1600 Pensylvania Avenue will fend for ourselves.

  • Hoofprint

    Thank you so much for providing this live feed. As a cable cutter & using Roku, tough to get live fair & balanced news. I too am a grandma & mom of 6 & so totally disgusted with where we are going under the current president. I fear that the country is so apathetic& dependent on govt. “stuff” that 2016 elections will seal our demise if another democrat is elected.

  • WV Grandma

    If we don’t impeach Obama and put in a strong leader-America, I, fear is gone!!!!!!!! The World has no respect for the USA anymore-This is a sad day in history for our beloved Country!


    Sen Warren ; We do not need another democrat as president just look at obama


    I just watch the so called president on Ukraine and Israel ; This man makes me sick to my stomach ,You talk about a weak man this one takes the cake he does not have the guts to do anything but screw the American people ,I never thought that in my life time and i am 71 that i would see a president as weak as obama is ,I love my country but i am ashamed to tell people he is our leader

  • Donāts Nirza

    Fox news, why do you not show the terrorist talks about how they were brought BUK-M from the Russia ?
    The phone conversations is published on Youtube entitled “SBU Ukraine. Terrorist Call BUK-M. Boeing 777th 07/17/2014″

  • FFighters of America

    freedomfightersofamerica believes the time has come for Obama to either step up to the challenge of his office or step off. We also believe he will once again draw a crooked line and let them cross it 10 times


      Obama is not going to step up because he does not have the guts ,this country would be better off if he was forced out of office,,He is in putins pocket

  • koolaid

    Ask any liberal (Foxaphobe) where they get their fair and balanced news
    Get the popcorn


      we do not listen to obumer lovers like you if you do not like fox stay off of it and leave the people alone that likes to hear the truth and not lies from abumer and his cronies

      • koolaid

        What exactly are you talking about? I make fun of Liberals and their rants about FOX and you take from that I love Obama?

        Reading and comprehension is hard.

  • koolaid

    Ask any Liberal where they get their fair and balanced news…
    get the popcorn

  • James R.

    Argh! What happened to the Fox stream??? :-(

  • jerry bouchet

    Obummer and Moochele have only spent $45,000,000 taxpayer dollars on vacation wow what a bargain for Obummer’s great leadership lol (not)

  • Robert Blanscet

    Well on vacation again how many millions of dollars is it going to cost the people this time

  • Gallant Singer

    Thank you for this site, to be able to watch fox news.
    Thanks so muchz1

  • Brett

    Thank you so much for Fox News! I appreciate you very much.

  • Bubba

    And, as long as I'm giving away FREE clues, consider reversing the comments so that the latest comment appears at the top, so we don't hafta scroll alllll the way down to the bottom to look for wit an' wisdom…HULKus NEEDS a easy to use Chatty App so we, the viewers, can compare notes and exchange views, and blows, over the programming…..Thanx

    • Admin

      I am about to fix it todaY Sir Thank you all for your patiance

  • http://Exploer Ella

    Ground Hog Day

    I do not understand how some people can tell their Congressmen not to pass Laws in Congress and then these same people are complaining because they do not have any Jobs, mine you these people votes for the Congress that they are refuring to over and over again and complain about how they can not feed their families because their jobs are going overseas, not to mention that in some communities people are drinking water that are catching on firer, if you put a match to it, so all of you are saying know matter what happens in these communities hour Congressman will never communize and the same people who are doing all these things in all these communities for the sake of money and they are destroying communities all over the Country. You people who complain but keep sending the same republicans back to Washington to do the very things that you complain about really it’s like, the movie ground hog day

    Because as long as they can keep you Hating someone or something in order to keep you distracted so you will never see the truth and the truth is, when you vote for a Republican you are voting against jobs you are voting against higher wages and when you vote for Republicans you are voting against women rights.

    Now this is another thing that I do not understand completely and that is, why do a lot of the people worry about how other people live their lives and why do they think that all people should live and think as they do, I believe if that was the way that GOD wanted it to be it would have been so.

    Do we not know that is the reason why all the same people prefer to vote to tare us apart as a Country but will not vote for what will hold us together as a Country? I challenge people to vote for what is best for your families and not vote only on hate, now can all of you vote for what will help your communities or will you vote on just what you hate, this is the challenge

    Wake up people and look around you in community’s people can not drink the water, houses are being sallow up in the ground and hospitals are closing down, people has lost their homes and guest what here we go again, the republicans are distract their voters again by telling them to hate the people who do not have the means or the money to harm, hurt or bring hardship to anyone, ground hog day.

    The republicans wants you to look the other way yet again and vote against your own interest and what is really best for the Country as a hole and not just part of the country because just voting for a part will ultimate destroy the whole. I say just stop and see who is the people who sent the jobs overseas or the people who refuse to raise the minimum wage or the ones who are against women’s rights and it is not the fought of your Congressman it is your fort.

    Don’t call your Congressman to complain about what is going wrong in your life because of a bill congress pass or did not pass if you want to complain to the person who is at fought for the recession in this country all you have to do is walk over to a mirror and the person who is stirring back at you is the one you should be upset with and complaining to, you think that you are fighting against your enemies , you are fighting against yourselves and has been going on for a long time now but you refuse to see it or acknowledge that fact. So when you tell your congressman not to pass bills just remember you are hurting all of us not just some of us you can not hurt others without hurting yourselves.

    So when you want to complain, complain to the person who put you where you are today and that would be the one you see in the Mirror.

    When you put republicans in those seats they drain all communities not just some.

    I like Republicans or a Democrats and I pray for us all know matter whether you are a Republican or a Democrat.

  • Robert Blanscet

    The only reason you do not hear the truth about obama is he has all these other news networks in his back pocket where he has paid them all off to keep their mouths shut

  • Robert Blanscet

    The Marine in jail in Mexico ,It is a good thing i am not president because if i was i would deploy troops and tanks along the border and i would tell the Mexican authorities they have 24 hours to release him unharmed or we would come and get him i would blow mexico to hell but this Marine would be brought home ,We need to retaliate and start putting every one of the illegals in prison that crossed the border

    • jerry bouchet

      Sorry Obummer piddles

  • Rob Manwiller

    Pat, you're a real 'Champion' NOT!! (pardon the pun) You make a box of rocks look smart! Sheeeesh!

  • Misty

    Not sure if you know, but there is no pic or sound. Thanks for bringing us the news, this is the only way I can get it.

  • Richrd45

    How will the GOP talk their way out of blocking a Bill last year that would have put $20 billion in the VA for 27 new VA facilities and Nurses. Republicans are all about shutting down the VA and sending our Vets into the private sector to fend for themselves. The GOP is a disgrace to America. They want to cry foul against the Administration while being part of the VA problem.

    • CraigM

      Richrd45 – You sound like the typical O-Dumbo loving liberal. Time to find a clue and hold Barry responsible, after all, he IS the pretend president of the United Socialist States of Ameri-KKK.

      • Richrd45

        No Craig, I'm not an Obama supporter. You simply can't handle the truth. Try laying off the Fox news kool-aid and seek the truth, not what you want to hear. You and your right wing Tea Party zealot friends live in your own little part of Ameri-KKK. Its your fault you hate women and people of color in politics. I know what your thinking Craig, its a black mans world and a white mans dream, right?

    • daved

      VA funding has increased 25% during obozo's term in office.

      From 99 million to 125 million.

      So try again, asshole.

      Try the FUCK again!

      • Richrd45

        Daved, another Tea Party hater. You and your zealot GOP friends will never understand its your hatred towards women, people of color, your stupidity, and your living in denial that will never land a Tea party candidate in the White House, ever! LOL!!!

        • Dave

          The fact that you claim that the Tea Party and Republicans are racists and hate women shows you to be no more than a brain dead tool for filthy liberals. You can only parrot your liberal masters because you have no thoughts of your own and think that throwing around the race card makes you more enlightened. Using "LOL" shows you to be at a mental level of a 13 year old girl. By the way, Ted Kennedy has the only confirmed kill in the war on women.

          • merica

            Just like a liberal….throw more $ at the problem, that will fix it. It couldn’t be poor leadership or policy. MORONS!!!!!!!!!

  • Robert Blanscet

    With the people on this committee it is a lost cause before it even staRTS,iT IS GOING TO BE JUST VA JOKE AND A WASTE OF THE TAX PAYERS MONEY

  • g.girl

    Hi J. Chancy,

    Obozo promised he would fundamentally transform our country. He did!!!! Mission accomplished.

    So why are those who did not vote for this Evil, Evil creep subjected to all the crap that those voted for him.

    3 more years in office!!! As it is I do not recognize this country. Wonder what we will wake up to tomorrow?

  • Misty

    All day yesterday and into late night, also again today, the buffering is crazy. Just want to let you know

    • Admin

      We really appologise for this We are trying out best to fix the feed. Thank you all for your patience.

  • JD

    I agree with you Ray and as you can see by all the nasty comments,they must be Obama zombies.Obama has done more damage to this country than any other before him.And if all of you lefty obama zombies could pull your heads out of his ass you might see it.And no I dont warch fox news any more than the others.

    You all are a perfect example,just like obama, if you dont like what someone thinks or speaks, you berate them for their opinion.So, kevin,ron,Jack and the rest…Go Blow a goat.

  • Misty

    Just to let you know, it dosen't play

  • Robert Blanscet

    Kevin i believe it is you that has diarrhea and a simple case of the stupids ,,Obama is and will be the worst president this country has ever seen or will ever see ,this man should be in jail and not in the white house

  • Patricia

    How can someone be so aggravated or upset at how a teacher chose to inform a parent(s) of an up coming event taking place at his/her child's school. I'm 46 years old and my children would come home with their little folders and I would go through them each night to see if they had homework. At times a note was in the folder informing me about an up coming event. The information (note) would let me know that there is going to be a birthday party, or Valentines Day is coming up and the child needs to bring Valentines Cards. Sometimes the note was to inform me that my child needs more glue, colors, or the teacher needs to speak to me. This is how it was done when I was going to school. I would think one would be appreciative that some kind of form was sent home with the child letting the parent know about an up coming event. A teacher does not have time to go from house to house informing all parents about a event. I would like to know if this was the first time a note was sent home or if the teacher was told that a note is not the way he/she would like to be informed about what is going on at his/her child's school. I know there were times my sig. was needed in order for my child to attend certain functions. If it aggravated one so much about how information was delivered to he/she, I think a simple telephone call or a visit to the child's school is a mature way of handling this situation.

  • Misty

    The buffering is really bad.

  • http://Exploer Ella

    The Calling

    The republicans who are refusing to expand Medicaid to the citizens of there states are being mean spirited people ; and if any citizen of these republicans states should die because of lack of access to medical care or access to medication that they can not afford are on the hands of the republicans and the people who are with them.

    This is a same a same what the republicans are doing to their on citizens this goes ay beyond politics this is a matter of life and death.

    People all over this country should ask themselves is this the kind of country that they won’t to live in.

    And someone should ask all those millions of people who won’t the republicans to repeal the affordable health care act, ask them what GOD do they pray too because they most realize that if the citizens in those republicans states die from not having access to health care is also on the hands of all those millions of people who are calling their republican representative and telling them not to expand Medicaid.

    Death is also on your hands as well as your representatives.

    So how many of hour citizens have die.

    When we are at the mercy seat of GOD and He, ask you why did you not act on behalf of the people who needed medical access to a doctor or needed medication or why did you, fight against the people who needed medical help. Tell me what reason or excuse do you think that GOD would believe.

    I won’t to thank all the people in Atlanta who are fighting for the expansion of Medicaid.

    And I thank for fighting for Medicaid expansion.

    Starting now let all of the millions of people all over these United States fight with one voice for all Governors to expand Medicaid in their states.

    GOD is for People in need and we all are for GOD aren’t we so lets get this done now.

    Ella L.

    • g.girl


      This great country has always accepted people in hospitals and State/County health care facilities without insurance. As a matter of fact, I was actually placed in the back of a line at a hospital while I have full blown medical insurance.

      Want to know who they took ahead of me, while I had a head injury????? I was in the waiting area, the only one by the way. I was called for verification and was told I would be seen in just a matter of minutes. Then suddenly about 7 people walked in. They were asked for IDs, oh it was so easy to say " No entiendo." They were all seen before me. No ID, no insurance, no nothing. However, they got attention before I did.

      I could almost give you verbatim the questions that were asked of them. No one had ID, no one spoke English, they went way ahead of me, finally I passed out from the head injury.

      After passing out, I was put into a room and waited 1hr 55 min. I had a concussion!!!!

      You do not know what you are talking about. Medicaid does not need to be expanded, it needs to go.

      I pay over $400/mo for medical insurance and you want me to pay for everyone else who doesn't. You are sick and need a shrink.

  • Joe

    Speaking of medication. Kevin, you seem to be confused. You are obviously an Obumma fan yet you hang around on the Fox News site. Are you lost? Do you need someone to help you remember to take your meds and hold your hand so you can go back to where you belong?

  • patrick novasio

    Oblisma has 47% of Americans on the govt teat.53% actually work.Even with a 35 to 40% bought and paid for vote he has a 38% rating last nbc/wj poll.Yep he has really the worst polls in history.It really amounts to women who make up the party is his support.He is a dumb inept vacationer,he knows how to blow 20's of millions on himself.I bet his marriage was fixed by Valerie as part of his affirmative action program.Racist lowlife liar,thats him,nuff said.

  • Lesa

    Yes, Thank You for Streaming this.. Wish more stationed would do this…

  • rod taylor

    keep drinking the kool-aid…you're a good little minion. obama is a serial pathological liar, a dolt and criminally incompetent and if our society crumbles because of his and his fellow progressives' policies (yeah that means certain repubs also) don't look to us conservatives to save any of you. you will reap what you have sown.

  • Ed Binkley


    If you are looking to point a finger at the worse president in US History you need look no further than the occupant in the white house right now. He is a Documented Liar of most things, he is undeniably incompetent as a leader which he has proven in every way a president could possibly prove it. He is the most dishonest, corrupt and two faced politician to ever run for any office. AND he will go down in history as the biggest failure to ever occupy the oval office.

    NOW…. if you can defend him with facts, verifiable facts not left wing clap trap as produced by MSNBC please enlighten me. Tell me specifically of all of Mr. Obama's greatest achievements. I am talking about achievements not broken promises or dreams speeches that promise everything and deliver nothing. Please list his accomplishments for me and the other readers here. I know that in your mind they must be too numerous to list so give me four or five… if you can. I am not going to hold my breath for I know you cannot deliver. He has done nothing of note except talk and blame others for his failures. He's pathetic and the greatest danger to America and ALL Americans since the Cold War and the Russian Threat of All Out Nuclear War.

    • JD

      Amen Ed,

      This so called president has weakened our military,Blocked congress from getting the truth from Holder,protected Lerner from having to answer to congress and like you stated,he has been consistent doing on thing,making sure that we the people never hear the truth.He is a master liar.

      He has made us look like a joke to the rest of the world and now making a deal with Iran? Crazy, and that will come back to bite the world.

    • g.girl

      Hi Ed,

      You see he did accomplish something. He "fundamentally transformed America"

      That was his promise. That is what the entitlement folks voted for.

      He's broken every other promise.

      In my opinion, he is the Anti-Christ and should be sentenced to hell for all eternity.

  • Buddy Bear

    Looks like the Fox news link finally dies. I am surprised it lasted this long. Thanks for providing this. Hopefully you can find another link. I live overseas and Fox made me feel like I was home.

  • pat

    why is admin comments being blocked?

  • Bobby

    THANK YOU ADMIN for all the great work you're doing keeping this running and clean… you are very patient !


  • Don

    My wife says Fox News doesn't seem to start buffering until mid-afternoon. It buffers very badly into the late evening. I was thinking it was out internet service here in Costa Rica. But, the company says nothing has changed with their service. Thanks.

  • pat

    it is now over 14 hours and still no fox, just splnning wheel on black screen and ads for time warner tv and internet. is hulkus site not working from now on?

  • pat


  • pat

    11:30 pm est fox news feed is again replaced with a link for time warner internet and cable. please help. how do i stop this or go around it when it occurs? thank you.

  • IceMan

    It never ceases to amaze me how advertisers get on here and screw up the site. This site will eventually be just like First Row Sports and Free Livebox Eu where you have to go through a maze of ads trying to divert you away from the site and into their sites. Soon it won't be worth coming here and using the site. You might just as well pay your cable TV to see your program where you don't get bombarded by crooked advertisers.

    • Admin

      Man please can u tell me where adds problem you are facing we dont ave any popup on out site , We are aware feed has been down but trying out best to keep it up

      Problem has been rectified and would be sorted in coming days Sorry for inconvenience caused.

      • IceMan

        To: Admin

        Sorry but I am getting several ads when the site is accessed which tells me the ad will close in 30 seconds only to have another popup for 20 seconds. This is the same thing that happens on Free Libebox EU and First Row sports. I can't tell you why or how but it is happening.

        • Admin

          We only have one pop up 30 sec No more popup .Are you sure your computer not effected wid malware

          • IceMan

            This computer is as clean as a whistle. I think that Google is sticking ads in somehow.

            Thanks for the info on the ad.

  • pat

    2nd night in a row fox news feed locks up at around 6:30pm EST. Mysteriously, an add for Time Warner internet service appears. Hmm…what a coincidence. I think not! Seems like Time Warner has hired a hacker. Can anyone help?

  • Doug Sten

    Hi. I'm trying to get to your service to watch the news.

    But, something has happened. Everytime I put in now the computer automatically changes the website to I get to your site but it says that there is a misspelling in the website name. I don't understand it.

    • Admin

      Thanks for your question

      its a redirection and dont worry its safe , Rest We are trying out best to make feed up all the time but having internet issues Sorry for inconvenience Would be up Soon .

  • Don

    Fox News is buffering every few seconds today. Every time I have a problem like this I have been reporting it, and it gets fixed. Is this true, or is it a coincidence? Thanks!

  • Don


  • Don

    Again, Fox News is not coming through. Can you fix it?


  • Grw

    When media uses words like “Obama allows” to describe an executive order issued on any subject, they are simply reassuring that BlackHead Pimple parasite that he has become King USA. He sleazed his way into office; the USA will not be subject any king.

    • Grw

      Of course, we can issue thanks to Obama, Congress and the Courts for making clear how efficient the three branches of government are in dumbing down the American Voters.

  • Don

    I'm not receiving Fox News again today. Can you check it out? Thanks!

  • Admin

    We havnt got control our streaming adds. we absolutely make sure site does not carry any porn images but we are using third party streaming server as u aware its free service and we dont have any control over it hopes you understand that

  • GunGirl

    Not gonna get all sappy and feel bad nor am I gonna support a anti gun way sorry..

  • Sam I am

    I have not had any problems picking up fox. Perhaps you should check with your internet provider. Maybe you transmission speed is too slow? I have comcast.

  • Misty

    All night haven't been able to watch the Kenndy reports. Buffering problems for hours.

  • Misty

    Black screen for the past 10 mins.

  • Misty

    Every night at this time, it stalls out. It dosen't last as long as it use to be, 20 mins – 45 mins is what it use to be. Now just a couple mins.

  • Don

    GREAT….FOX IS BACK!!! Thanks!

  • Don

    Is it just me or are there others having problems with getting Fox News? I seem to be the only one. I hate to be a pain in the ass but right now there is no reception of Fox, not even a black window. CNN is fine. Where I live in Costa Rica this is the only way I can get Fox.


  • Don

    Good Fox News reception yesterday!! But, today it's buffering every few seconds. Seems to be happening

    mostly between one and five p.m.

  • Don

    There was a marked Fox News improvement yesterday….very good reception. But, today it's buffering every few seconds again.

    Seems to happen mostly between about one p.m. to five p.m.

  • Don

    We've lost Fox News today again. The other channels are fine. It has been still buffering a lot lately when we can get it. Thanks.

  • Amanda Graham

    it would be nice if the feed were not constantly interrupted and dropped.

    • Admin

      Sorry for the Inconvenience Fixed now if you still face problem kindly flag the issue again

  • Question

    Just an observation… but why on earth are people that hate Fox News on this bootleg stream site?

    that would infer that you seeked it out

    doesnt make much sense to me.

  • Misty

    Please fix the buffering, it is impossible to even listen to this. I miss watching fox.

  • Don

    Again, I'm not complaining, just pointing out that I'm not able to get Fox News. Looks like something's changed,

    and I would really appreciate it if you would check it out. CNN is fine.

  • sam vaden

    on muslim holiday s in schools….

    it outrages me that the religion this country was founded with and on is consistently pushed back while a anti american hate spewing bunch of trash like muslims..american muslim? talk about oxy moron..there is no such that lying peice of crap muslim lawyer you had on.

    wake up ! do you really believe they hold any american ideals or values more than their religion ? if so you are a idiot…read the koran everyone you will see them for what they all are. enemies of america of christians and women everywhere…GOD BLESS AMERICA! IN GOD We TRUST ! and lastly ONE NATION UNDER GOD not allah! these refer to our heritage and beliefs. they will never stop till they destroy us. that is their only goal.

  • p.wallace

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I've been searching for 2 months for a decent, WORKING live stream of Fox News!

  • http://n/a CHERYL S



      Because they don't want the young to sign up for the ACA. The more they can mutate how social program really work (like how many of us have paid into it for so long already), the more they can muddy the waters in the effort to privatize everything.

      I've been paying into the US system for 24 years, and am pretty certain they won't be around by the time I qualify for Social Security or Medicare **unless** the country starts educating people more about the stability they create in our economy. Stability created from important social programs rather than advocating for nothing but unlimited profit seeking. All the latter does is cause a stock market crash every 15-20 years.

  • sam vaden

    cant we impeach congress? the senate? for gross incompetence ? lack of job performance? how is it done? lets file the paperwork! im all for it!

  • Misty

    It is freezing up and buffering alot

  • http://??? pat


  • Don Parsley

    Most afternoons there is no stream at all, like today.

    Also, I have to try to send a message five of ten times

    before the CAPTCHA Code will work.

  • Don Parsley

    I hate to seem like I'm bitching, afterall the site is providing a free service. But before, the site rarely buffered at all. Now it buffers every few seconds….that is, if I'm lucky to receive a signal in the first place.

    • Admin

      from when its seems to be buffering alot. Kindly bring that into my attention.

  • charlie

    Because of liberal policies i have been financially ruined twice in my life. i am a master brick mason and haven't had a decent job since obama was elected. now the only work i can find is a part time minimum wage job collecting trash. way to go dems. fuck obama! revolution now!

  • Misty

    I have to leave this, I wish I could listen to fox but it keeps repeating everything. They say something and 30 secs later it repeats. Then it does it to the next 30 secs. UGH!

  • Misty

    I don't think it is quite fixed. Haven't seen the news on since this afternoon. It it almost midnight.

  • Bobby

    I'd like to know how NOT to get those porn ads showing up over the stream?

    thank you!

  • sam vaden jr

    one i want it on record i want syria hit hard boots otg or not .ever hear..bomb him back to the stone age….?

    two i have no insurance at all. also unemployed and not by choice! and no one anywhere is gonna force me to buy or signup for something i don't want. I am still free aren't I? I am right?

  • Don Parsley

    I was having trouble getting Fox News, too. Thanks for

    correcting the problem. I can't tell you how pleased I

    am to be getting Fox News, the best and most accurate

    news channel.

  • Aaron Mathews

    I agree Ray. He can't address with the certainty he uses in these ''shooting sprees'' (These are tools to show we must all be disarmed) the ''phony scandals'' of IRS, Benghazi, etc. The guy's a hack, he should've remained a community organizer in Chicago, he's certainly no leader. It's a sad day whe I have more respect for Putin than Obama Bin Lyin.

    Furthermore, none of these networks get the details straight, and they twist the stories for drama. Ya know, CNN said today, ''I can't remember a time when a shooting took place on a base like today….umm, fort hood morons! The guy's a Muslim, caters to Muslims, and we are a Muslim nation.

  • Mark

    Ray is right Obama is an embarrassment to our country. I am not alone when I say "I wish he would resign".

  • Lee

    I can no longer get Fox News to come up to watch. I have rebooted and refreshed many times but just get a black blank screen. HELP!

    • Admin

      Sorry for inconvenience caused we had some internet issues Now all fixed and up running smoothly any issue do come back .Thanks

  • Larry

    I too appreciate the fact you have streaming Fox News. I watch it often on the computer because I am where I can't get TV.

  • James C Grundy


  • Jeffrey

    Hey don't let the feed mess up it's kinda twitching and sharp pause/play happening, the wars about to start and I don't wanna miss it lmao.

  • Jess Hart

    Thank you, excellent stream.

  • Mr. Pundit

    Obama is a Manchurian Muslim Communist who is deliberately destroying the USA. Food stamps 49 million, unemployment, 25%, 17 trillion in debt. In Islam "taqia" is the sharia law that says it is ok to lie. Obama lies and lies and in the background he is quietly undermining the economy and small business while promoting an evil Marxist agenda. His goal is total obliteration of the USA in a massive economic and social collapse, after which the people will beg for communism in the chaos, starvation and violence. Obama the muslim communist deserves to be imprisoned for life or worse.

  • James C Grundy

    The objective of the left (I define left as "Democrats, Communists, Fascists, Rinos and Socialists – Liberals are not included because orderly change over time with the consent of the governed is natural)is to destroy the United States i.e.; its constitution by any and all means they choose to use. Civil society demands that responsible and decent behavior ought to be constitutionally defined and taught in every classroom in the country.

    Those that are incapable of accepting this should be encouraged to leave or be publicly chastised and humiliated.

    Our founders were among the most highly educated of their time and the definitions of their words were well known and widely accepted by the original thirteen colonies. When they said Freedom of Speech, they really meant SPEECH – NOT EXPRESSION! Expression is way too broad and opens the door for any type of inane behavior imaginable. This is why the leftist Supreme Court reinterpreted the intent of our founders; it facilitates the destruction of the United States as it was constituted.

    They had no right to do this because they are not the controlling legal authority on the definition of words, they commandeered this. So with this faux authority they have since rewritten the US Constitution by simply redefining words.

    A common official language and dictionary is fundamentally the most unifying element of any nation. The fact that "our" legislatures have failed to establish this is prima face evidence that both parties do not want this to happen. Both parties have at one time or another completely controlled the House, Senate and Presidency and could very easily have accomplished this. If we all understood each other they would not be able to parse words or claim that what they meant was lost in translation. Divide and conquer is the oldest and therefore the most effective destructive weapon in the arsenal of tyrannical governments. The current government of the "United" States is a master of this strategy. At every opportunity they create another “disenfranchised” group to pit against another or others. A common official language would greatly aid the Re-Unification of the several states.

  • James C Grundy

    You have a perverted definition of best.

  • James C Grundy

    Perino never worked for Obama

  • GunGirl

    I love how fox says Marijuana is so bad but yet they do a news spot on breweries just after that story and actually get excited about it..sorry but beer and booze are a 1000 x more dangerous then pot…Fox News I suggest you go and do some research on how well it actually works for cancer patients..

    Also go and research how many people have died from pot vs alcohol

  • John Boy

    It's obvious that we have a mixture of freedom loving American's and those that feel it's OK to rely on the Federal Government to support you, from craddle to grave.

    The sooner those that voted Democratic realize that their party had been hijacked by the Marxist/ Socialist party, based out of Chicago, under the name of the "New Democratic Party", then there will be hope.

  • Poe

    Wow. Way to go and make a Mentally Ill reference. I hope that someday you suffer and maybe learn not to make such glib references to "medication". You should be ashamed of yourself. Millions of fine Americans suffer in silence and without support of family and friends because they fear stigma from assholes like you. Shame on YOU Kevin.

  • Luke

    We need to watch all news programs to get the information so we can make informed choices. How you see the world makes each of us Bias. Even looking back on history our choice of which President is best is a bias view. So if you are for Obama or not does not matter, but how does the present polices affect our lives? Who cares who push them, the question is government health care going to help or hurt? Is closing down embassies going to help or hurt? Is our freedom greater or less?

  • Eric

    Don't want him to watch fox??? why ? because he might find out the truth??? You all need to start watching Fox, oh wait the hypocrites that you are, you are already watching it or you wouldn't be posting here…

  • libertarian13

    Im so sick and tired of all these damn left wing liberal slack jawed faggots. You are about to ruin what is left of our what was once, a bad ass country. Its unfortunately all tore back. The white house is a joke, to us and to the world. Obama is a total idiot. Everyone is all sensitive and weird. No family values. Gay priests rape little boys. The hip hop culture is the most ignorant movement that I have ever witnessed. All these obama lovers think socialism will work overnight. It wont. A medical system like obama care will take decades to be efficient. Go use your obama phones, go get your food stamps, go take all that you can from this democratic system, and give nothing back in return. Really, all of you obama lovers deserve everything that I have worked so hard to get.Even if its all screwed up, its still the best country in the world. There is a huge difference between a liberal and a libertarian. Try and take my guns away, and see what happens. Go suck obamas ****, You brainwashed liberal idiots.

  • joe american


  • Jack

    Kevin gets the dumbasss of the year award. Talking about fox, on the free broadcast stream. You troll like a bitch, go back to the huffpo site and let them know you're back for more lefty-lies. Typical stupid lib, " I don't like it so let's trash it, or see if we can ban it."

  • Ron

    Liberalisum is a mental disorder Ray you prove that. Thanks.

  • John

    are you out of your mind ? I'm with Ron , we will pray you start thinking right .

  • M1t McRae

    I don't know, Me. We're so dumb, you should be answering the questions instead of asking. ie: Stupid is as stupid does.

  • M1t McRae

    There ya go Ray, if you can't find a network that thinks conservatively, aka. using common sense, other than Fox, then YOU are an extremist or worse. Common sense isn't for sale, nor does it need selling. It is what it is and you can't fix stupid, but more throughout the world that are willing to look objectively are seeing the light in ever growing numbers. The rest are what they are.

  • http://??? pat

    All live feeds are now blocked. Adds for WOWZA meda player 3 and wowza .com come up and then right to COMMENTS: section. WOWZA site is clearly a rip-off. It says it's free and then they want 5 dollars a day or 55 dollars a month to watch your free service. PLEASE HELP! PLEASE RESPOND. THANK YOU.

  • http://fox nick

    Obama wants america to be equal to the rest of the world. He thinks America should step down from being the top power. And we should apologize for things our ancestors did….hmmm sounds like reparations….that figures…. When the rest of the world comes to fuck us up ill come to your house u idiot!

  • bobby


    FOX News isn't working anymore. Is this permanent or a temporary glitch?

    Thanks! Love to come here for my news…

  • Martin Szekeresh

    I agree with you Kevin. Our friend Ray needs to turn-off Fox for awhile, he's getting paranoid.

  • Kev

    Wow. What a bunch of hateful people! You ALL need to take a chill pill.

  • dude

    The democrats do the same thing, What's your point!!

  • John Boy

    We can't ignore the fact that Treyvon was the agressor, and that Zimmerman was sucker punched, with enough force to knock him down. Once that happened, it was a game changer. We are trying to stop bullying, in our society, yet if it's a teenager vs an adult, it's acceptable behavior. Treyvon, I quess, just felt he deserved to get punched in the face, for just following him.

  • radha

    please sir use your better judgement to help pass imm reform

  • hope_is_blind

    president Obama was backed by big business i.e the bail out? paying billions to company's in the name of the american economy. the change he promised was the change of your insurance, help pay your sick neighbor's doctors bill while you can't afford your mortgage. job rates have improved because of more spending, immigration was forgotten, gay right's only went to California, Guantanamo bay was closed but the prisoners are still locked up, he couldn't pass a gun reform after newton. if he wasn't the first multiracial president he would be in an IRS scandal hoping not to be impeached. at least he assassinated a terrorist

  • hope_is_blind

    Zimmerman is the batman with no mask, looking for trouble and fighting for justice. Beside's the fact that he racial profiled and provoked a teenage youth into confrontation causing a death. The court system will provide american justice

  • hope_is_blind

    unions are willy mammoths of the 21st century, hope Darwin was right? and they evolve into elephant lol

  • hope_is_blind

    why would you veto a bill on living wage, because Walmart threaten's to not open stores planed for that area?

    answer. pass bill and let another store open, filling the demand that's present and allowing for free market at a living wage…just my opinion

  • PJ Puskac

    For some reason, I don't see the Streaming portion for the fox news. It went away. Can someone help? Was working fine until the day of the airline crash and then it went away. Please help.

  • Robb

    I wonder why the live stream won't play on my IPhone going to the very same site, using Safari

    • Admin

      Install puffin browser from app store and you can watch stream on your iphone. Hopes I answered your question

  • radha

    Thanks for the streaming live tv. really is great

    since i dont have a tv in room. love bill orielly show

  • http://foxnews Alan

    chris……….are you serious????????? It was pilot error…He came in to low and to slow….Period………..jeeezzzzzz…..always someone with a crack pot therory

  • http://foxnews Alan

    Thank you very much for all your efforts……Greatly appreciated……..Alan

  • PJ Puskac

    What happened to Fox News?????

  • Chris

    Have you ever heard of Clear air turbulence….. Might be the cause of plane crash…

  • Mike Krettner

    Thankyou for providing streaming FoxNews.It`s the only place to get real news with investigative reporting.ABC-MSNBC -NBC-CNN are simply acting as probaganda outlets and whitewash experts for our present government

  • Leo

    Thank you for streaming Fox News, I can't get it on Dish up in the mountains. Just a few more streaming channels and I can dump the dish for good!

    • Admin

      what other streaming channel?

  • radha

    hello Mr. Bill, use your knowledge to help immigration reform…

  • radha

    hello bill try and give immigrants like yourself and descendants a chance to prove they are hard working and deserve a fair chance to come out of the shadows.

    • John Boy

      Hard work is not a prerequestite for illegally entering a sovereign country. It has no legal basis, for being here, period. Our immigration law's are there for a reason. They made a decision to break the law, and place themselves ahead of those waiting to enter this country legally.

  • John

    Thank You for carrying Fox News!!

  • lucille

    Vince, You can not speak to the issue of what they do in their personal daily activities, however, taking up the issue that they are not seeking out all info provided on a subject, thereby, coming to an accurate, informed, conclusion on a topic….

    The truth always comes out. Keep on keeping yourself to a higher standard.

  • Fred

    If you like the New World Order. Personally prefer liberty. "If Americans new how the system is run there would be a revolution overnight" Henry Ford. The internet is providing the info the era of the fembot whimpy America will end soon.

  • Pat Champion

    Thanks. The Tea Party will do everything in their power to destroy our nation from scandals, birth certificates, Fox News, the election but unfortunately, they lost. They keep loosing and they need to return to their "religion" for help and that's even failing them.

  • James R. Breslin

    Ray, you are absolutely correct. Only those on the dole will have a thing to do with IMPOTUS. Unfortunately that includes all federal employees we pay but blatantly aid his cover ups and blame game. Toss them all over 2 terms and put the U S back in motion.

    • James R. Breslin

      I overlooked the irs and all employees hired by IMPOTUS as well as dismantling the irs now drs (Dobermans R Us.) and the code, regs, rev. rulings, etc and start with a thing called equitable. But we would not understand since we are not in the situation room under our transparent administration and too uninformed as he has crippled and basically scared any reporter if they find truth, now that's transparency.

  • Mark Nolan (Mechanic

    I'm watching Obama make his speech in Berlin and I have a question: What good is any of this doing for the American people ?

  • kemaman

    thank you for streaming fox news. really appreciated and needed.

  • kemaman

    liberal drivel. no facts just emotions.

  • j chancy

    So much news on our IDIOT President Obama. He has drug our country down in so many ways and something new everyday. He needs to be eliminated along with his cronies ASAP. It may be to late. The people that voted for him need to be gone as they are also idiots.

  • http://??? pat


  • Chai

    Shepherd Smith is the only good thing coming out of Fox News.

  • Misty

    Still trying to load, but still getting ads.

  • Misty

    It's been a few hours that I haven't been able to view. Nothing is there.

    • Misty

      ads keep coming, but still black screen trying to load.

  • Mr Magoo – London

    Thank you for streaming and thank God for Fox News. We do pay for it also by the way but we love the cwazy US ads which we don't get.

    Fox provides some balance to the other 99% liberal brainwash smoke and mirror channels and papers.

    But those who disagree, well I respect your view too.

    We should all be open to good ideas, but the many Barry O scandals are just showing the ideology is too brutal and we are not lemmings.

    It is our duty to be sceptical whoever has the power.

    Kindest regards

  • Drew

    I appreciate your stream. Thank You!

  • Misty

    I keep getting a spanish commercials in the background, sound only. When I leave the streaming it stops. Can this be fixed, it drowns out fox. Thankyou.

    • admintv

      There is only 30 sec popup at the start. 30 Sec popup is standard from streaming server , There is nothing much in our hands to stop it. Otherwise I have checked everything seems pretty good.let me know if you continuously facing such issues

      • Brian

        At 5:30 am CDT the was went dead and has been continuously loading now. This happens each morning when I try to watch.

        • Admin

          Brian would look after that. Would not be happening again Peace

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    Hi. Thank you very much for streaming fox news online. I don't have cable tv so, i listen to fox news on the computer along with other news channels like CNBC CNN HLN MSNBC and Fox Business. Keep streaming fox news. I very much appreciate it.

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    really appreciate streaming fox news but signal is dead in the late night/early hours of the morning. It says "your receiver is currently off, press Select to watch TV"

  • Alit

    Thanks for streaming FOX news! I really appreciate it!

    • http://google phad

      PeRINO has the cheek to attack President Obama while forgetting she was a hack for the worst president in history and had to defend lies such as "how USA was invited to Iraq" as opposed to invasion.

      • Ray Lomas

        I think Mr. Obama is the worst President in History. You must be on welfare or enemploymet. Eric Holder is a joke and should be jailed for gun running. Hil should be convicted of murder.

        • kevin

          Ray, for as many times I hear verbal diarrhea like yours, I only assume you are listening to Fox 24/7 or simply have not taken your medication this morning. Some cases it amounts to both, so take your med and get some rest.

        • http://n/a Ron

          Anyone who thinks Obama is a good President, well we will pray for them. Hoping they come out of darkness and see the light soon before it to late.

      • Hanson

        Actually we were welcomed in Iraq. The problem came when we fired the whole military and destroyed their economy AFTER we had already won. It is never policy to fire military under the rank of captain. We took the bread winners of their families who would have been loyal to us and supported change, and turned them into our enemies. I am no fan of GW… But you need to be realistic here and stop standing up for someone who has done nothing but over regulate, lie, and drive us further into debt. GW didn't lie and he stood by the mistakes he made, that is honorable.

        • Cole

          The people of Iraq welcomed the troops and supported every step of the mission to free Iraq from the evil Hussein . Th problem is the media only reported what they wanted to make the mission look like a failure. the only failure in Iraq would be Obama lies the his supports and the American taxpayers about getting out of Iraq which he has yet to due and continues to mislead the weak minded.

      • Henry Poschebit

        Obama is the worst president so far and there will never be anyobe worse!

      • http://None David R. Nemirow

        For all of those who praise Obama. He said, "Judge me by those I surround myself with." I did: Richard Trumpka, Bill Ayers,Andy Stern, et al. Based upon his life long associations I deem him to be no better thatn his closest allies.

      • sarge

        Phad or what ever that means. You and yours have your ears so full of obamas dung its not funny. And your probably drinking his jungle juice too. Why dont you really educate yourself before you smother.

      • Cole

        The only lie about the invasion of Iraq was American media telling the weak minded that the US was going in for oil and not to protect the citizens or Iraq and Saddam Hussein from using chemical weapons against the Iraq people. Now the truth which is barley getting reported, The US went in, removed Saddam and helped to guide Iraqis to set up a national free government, train and military and all that oil? Heading to China not the US. The best part, 30 years from no we will all know the truth about Obama and his lies and how he single handily destroyed the democrat party, which you have no idea what Obama is really doing and to short sided to see what is happening. Worst president in history, you are clueless. as of now 1. Carter, 2. Obama until 2015 when it all falls apart at the hands of Obama, but it will always be someone else fault. Wait till 2016 and the Clinton's take there revenge on this puppet

      • don

        It sounds like you forget all the democrat and republican congress members standing on the capital steps singing kumbuya, why did the democrat controlled congress give Bush a blank check, they paid for that police action in Iraq I’d say they own it as much as anyone.

    • C. Erickson

      Looking for news on IRS…has anyone noticed Lois's facelift? Was that paid for by the taxpayer? Sure hope it wasn't written off on her insurance as a "stress reliever". I'd hate to think we, the taxpayers, paid for that. Of course, I am sure she makes more, retired, than most of us working. If I had been as "shifty" as she is, I would have been fired, not retired with a sizable retirement package.

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